How Are You All Feeling???

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How Are You All Feeling???

Hello everyone! Just wondering how everyone is feeling these days? Better or still sick? Any new cravings? Are you feeling baby move?

AFM, I have been feeling better...and hungrier! I have actually cooked dinner a few days in a row now...and I think DH is in heaven! I don't have any new cravings, I just want good food.
I have been feeling baby move quite a bit more in the past week--not on the outside yet, but that will be soon. Smile

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I'm so glad you're able to eat/cook more and are feeling better overall Lisa!

I've been feeling a bit better too. I think part of it has to do with the heat slightly improving and the progesterone shots I get weekly. I swear they've helped with a lot of my aches and cramps.

I still get weird about food textures but it's still nothing like with DD's pregnancy so it's all good. Biggrin

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I am feeling ok but still tired a bit... but I guess that's normal running around with a 3 year old!!
I'm craving healthy food which is good (salad and veggies) but I do like my snacks too (chips and chocolate).
I feel baby moving for a couple of days now, it's amazing!!! Not on the outside yet though.
Overall, all is good. Going back to work in 2 weeks... we shall see how that goes..> Lol

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I've been feeling okay. The morning sickness is mostly gone. I've thrown up a couple times in the last week, but other than that I've been good.

As far as my complications go, I think the bleeding is stopping and the cramping isn't nearly as bad as it was. I'm pretty sure my SCH is healing. Smile

Emotionally, I feel A LOT better too cause we had an ultrasound on Friday and the baby is still active and looks pretty happy. It's so reassuring, especially with the cramping and bleeding slowing.

I'm craving carbs. Which sucks, cause you know, I can't really have many of them. Lol

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I have been feeling better which is nice but also means I have been gaining weight. I have been feel the baby move not every day but I feel it. As far as cravings nothing new just whatever sounds good that day.

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I've been feeling pretty good but that's normal, i have gained 15 lbs since getting pregnant so im feeling pretty good. i can feel my son move all the time now and every day too! and i haven't really had any new cravings yet. but i am quite tired on and off this trimester.

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"VixB" wrote:

I am feeling ok but still tired a bit... but I guess that's normal running around with a 3 year old!!

Vicky--I am still tired too, but I just figure it comes with taking care of my family. Smile Good luck with work!

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Im ok no new cravings and im eating fine.. Just tired mainly because im up so early but other than that im ok !

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Feeling a LOT better but still nauseous in the mornings....def have more energy during the day (I haven't had a nap for about a week!) lol