How Are You All Feeling?

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How Are You All Feeling?

Just wondering how everyone is doing?
How are you feeling?
Are you ready for baby to come or do you still need to get a few things ready?

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i am having braxton hicks every day now. they range from barely noticeable to painful. but i think im ready for baby to get here lol. We have everything except wipes and a baby bath (but thats what the sink is for lol) and a few minor things except we still need his carseat. how are you? how are you feeling?

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Feeling okay. Have only felt rested a couple of days in the last few weeks so that takes a toll on my body. I've also been noticing that nausea is a constant along with heartburn so my throat is always sore, but I knew these things were likely to return in this trimester. I haven't been having as many real contractions but he's been putting a lot of pressure on my cervix again.

We have to order a new mattress for our co-sleeper. We also need a snowsuit or car seat cover, some prefolds or sposies, socks, nursing pads and maybe a cozy blanket. I also want to get DS a bouncer but we're planning on Santa taking care of that. I feel pretty well prepared, we just need to get things arranged in our room for him.

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I am feeling okay hard to sleep so I am tired all the time, and heartburn for sure OMG!!!! other than that pretty good.

I think we are pretty ready for baby girl to come just need to get some clothes and some smaller items but we are good to go.

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Overall, I feel alright. I'm in a constant state of exhaustion, but I'm battling through it. I'm starting to get to that "uncomfortable" stage, but am trying not to complain is this will be the last time I ever get to experience this.

We are all set for Reagan. We have the carseat, stroller, bottles, formula, two large packs of newborn diapers, 2 large packs of size 1 diapers, and some gender neutral outfits along with a few pink things. I'm just looking forward to having her here to use all of these things Smile

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Ha! We have to do a ton to get ready, but we are starting to work on it for real. I am tired of being pregnant. I am the same size as ful term so I know I am not complaining about nothing. This twins thing is serious, but I still feel good enough to work which is amazing.

I drank more caffeine than I should have today because I literally could not get out of bed. Too many nights of sleep deprivation. Also, getting super uncomfortable at night. But that is to be expected - 2 for 1, right? And between them being up in my ribs or bouncing on my cervix, things can get crazy. I have heartburn too- thought I was going to vomit pure acid this morning. Which reminds me... time to take some zantac.

But, I had the weekend off of work and that was super nice. Hope I can make it through another week pregnant. Each one counts for a lot at this stage!!


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Hang in there, Tiffany!!

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Im feeling horriblee !! I think i caught a cold ughhh

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I have my moments of feeling okay...and moments of just feeling yucky! The heartburn is terrible! I am going to ask my dr what else I can do--zantac works in the morming, but by evening, it doesn't do anything any longer. I have a hard time even walking by the end of the day because my hips, and my body in general just hurt. Only a couple more months, though!

As for being ready, I am going to work on the dresser I have been working on today--try to get it done and get the furniture moved around. I know we have a ton of clothes, but I haven't washed and put them away yet. I am going to finish making the carseat cover this week. We have 1 pkg of newborn diapers, but that's it. I need to stock up on wipes and start buying the little diapers...and I have a list of other small things that I need to be completely ready.

And I've started my Christmas shopping, but not much has gotten done yet, but I want that finished before too long so I don't have that to stress about.

All in all, though, I am ready to be done being pregnant...but I know this baby needs to bake a bit longer. Hang in there everyone! They will be here before we know it!