hungry and cant eat...misery

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hungry and cant eat...misery

I am SOOOOOO miserable...for the past like 3 days I have been super hungry but this little girl refuses to let me eat or keep anything down smh I could just cry

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Tia - hope you get some relief soon, but I can't believe you are not feeling better already. My nausea is abating, but now I am running out of space and have even started to lose weight. Nausea is the worst feeling in the world.


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Tia, I hope you get feeling better soon and are able to eat! Have you gotten over any of the nausea or is it coming back?

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Gosh I am sorry that you aren't able to eat I hope you can soon.

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Aww, that stinks! I'm sorry that you're unable to keep anything down. Hopefully your appetite will be back soon!!

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hi ladies sorry for the late response. My nausea comes and goes. Some days she lets me eat with no problem and some days she wont let me take in anything. I haven't even gained any weight yet I still have people asking with uncertainty if I'm pregnant because I'm so small. If it wasn't for my belly button poking you'd never know

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I'm sorry for the eating/nausea troubles Tia! That has to be annoying and how rude of people to question your pregnancy simply because you're not "whale size". As the "letter to a non pregnant person" says, the only thing someone should say is congratulations! I understand they don't want to offend someone who isn't pregnant, but if they're going to ask they should be affirmative and positive about it.

I hope you're able to get your appetite back full time soon.

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I'm so sorry... that must be soo hard.

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