I can feel baby

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I can feel baby

I don't know if I'm futhur along than my docs are saying or if this is because its my second baby but I can totally feel this baby moving. Its like tapping. DBF is convinced he felt it last night and I think I believe him because I put my hand where I feel the tapping and I could feel it from the outside. Its light but I felt it....this is weird. anybody else feeling something?

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I did start feeling baby move, not on the outside yet but I am defiantly feeling some popping going on, on the inside.

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I can definitely feel mine on the inside... but mine is too small (or I am too fat) to feel anything on the outside. That would be good news if you are further along. Have you already had an ultrasound yet?

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With my second and third, I started feeling movement on the inside around 15 weeks. I'm excited....only 1 more week or so until I feel something. I can't wait!

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I am also feeling baby move now--so much fun! The morning of my last appointment, it felt like baby flipped!

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Yup I'm feeling baby move too! With DD I started feeling her at 16 weeks so I wasn't that surprised but it's still so exciting.

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I've been feeling this baby flutter around inside for about a week. You are definitely in range to feel something! I can't feel anything from the outside, though.

I found out during my nuchal translucency scan that I have a posterior placenta for this baby...which I had also for my second pregnancy and I felt him move about 12 weeks. My first pregnancy, not until 16 or 17 weeks, and I was trying so hard to feel something! I think it might have been because her placenta was anterior, which I didn't know until the 20 week US.

It's pretty sporadic still, but just when I'm wondering....there will be another little flutter!

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Im feeling the baby move too !!! Its soo weird !