I have an official delivery date scheduled! Yay!

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I have an official delivery date scheduled! Yay!

Saw my dr. today for an appt. and also had an NST and an ultrasound. Baby's size was estimated to be 6lb 15 oz and it sure feels like that's about right to me from how miserable I am. NST showed her heart rate to be good and when I had been feeling like she was moving less, she decided to move up a storm for the NST. My dr. said my bp at 143/82 wasn't high enough to be concerned so it was pretty routine. The good news is that he put me on the official hospital schedule for induction on Dec. 28 at 6am. Only 16 days left-I am so excited!! He did say that if I go into labor on my own now, they won't stop me, but he's going to be out of town from the 16-21, so I would like to avoid having her then. My kids want me to avoid being in the hospital over Christmas because I told them they would have to wait to open their presents until I get home. My husband was hoping she was going to be born today since it is his birthday. My daughter wants her to be born tomorrow so her birthday will be 12-12-12. I am fine with anytime, I'm so ready!!

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How exciting to have things set! I always have the same thing happen with NSTs, baby will be quiet all before my appointment and then perk up for the NST. On days when I feel like he's not as active, I just do an extra set or two of kick counts to reassure myself.

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So - JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all.

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Jen, so glad things are looking good for you and baby! I'm so excited for you to have an exact date to look forward to! I am with Tiffany....I'm a bit jealous myself! I'm ready to have this baby, but I need at least 1 more full week before I can have her. Good luck!!!

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Yay! Glad you have an end in sight!

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That is cool that you have a date set for baby girl to come. I am still hoping that my little girl will wait till January. Fingers and legs crossed Smile