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"with flying colors!" the nurse told me! Hooray! No more worrying about the glucose test for me! So happy! And my hemoglobin was good too! So happy for a great appointment. Saw one of the midwives I haven't met yet this time. I'm really considering just going with the midwives this time...

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Congrats! What great news. Biggrin At your office can you just see the MWs and have the OBs around as a backup?

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congrats that is great!!!!!

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Yay!! I never had the glucose test with Hunter... don't know if my midewife will make me take it this time around... we shall see...

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Awesome news!!! So happy you had a great appointment!

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Congratsss on the great testt!!!

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Thank you ladies!

Mia--Yes, I can choose if I want the drs or the midwives to deliver, but the drs are backup. My original plan was to see the 1 dr. that I prefer and use the midwives as backup (if my dr. isn't on call), but I may change my mind...I can't decide!