If you need an electric breast pump...

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If you need an electric breast pump...

I don't know if this has been discussed on here before, but I wanted to let everyone know that as of 1/1/13, insurance companies are supposed to cover the full cost of breast pumps under the new Obamacare healthcare plan. I called my insurance company (BCBS) and was told that I just have to order from a durable medical equipment company, so I'll be calling them next week. Call your insurance companies to check on it!

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Wow I didn't know that thanks for the info.

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Wow!! Thats amazing !! Thanks

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That is very cool! I have BCBS too, but I have individual insurance with no maternity coverage, so I doubt they'd cover mine. But I'm going to call them next week to make sure though. Thanks for the tip!

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They may cover you, you never know! I don't recall reading anything about having to have maternity coverage, and breastfeeding doesn't happen until AFTER the baby is born, so doesn't seem like it should be covered under maternity anyway.

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Wow thats AWESOME! I am actually looking for a new one so YAY Thanks for sharing!