I'm in shock!!!

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I'm in shock!!!

so tomorow i will be 4 weeks pregnant with my first baby..........and only 3 days after learning i am pregnant we had to go buy maternity clothing, pants and shirts and a dress. not much but just a little. i feel big and all the women there said they think i might have twins because im only 4 weeks and im already visible to the outside world! i feel weird. should i be worried? i didnt think showing this much this early was possible.

the one ^above is a 3 weeks 3 days this one is my week 4 pics. only 3 days and already a huge difference!

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It could be just the way that you're built. I showed super early when I was pregnant and that was my first pregnancy. I was also told it could be because of the shape of my uterus or something and that that was part of the reason. I bought some bigger pants at about 4-5 weeks and was in maternity clothes at 6-7 weeks. I was really showing too because people were asking me how far along I was...and these were people who didn't know we were trying or anything. So...I guess it just happens. I just had one in my belly but I have heard you can show earlier with twins. Also there tends to be a lot of bloating too but I don't think I had that much bloating. I just felt big. Lol. You look super cute though! Congratulations!

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thanks and actually its not all bloat its mostly belly. im so excited!but im so young and i got stares and whispers today while walking mydog.

the one in the maternity shirt and pants on the top is actuall from this morning. the one under it with the blue shorts and shirt is 3weeks 3 days.

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You look great!! I agree that it could just be the way you're built/the way your uterus is. Nothing bad just fun to show earlier Smile Love your (lotus?) tattoo. Smile

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super cute! it would be neat to have twins Smile scary also lol but exciting. a lot of people I know are having twins this year.. it's like it's the year of the twins or something, so weird!

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My last pregnancy was twins and I showed early but not that early! You're a small frame girl, so that could have something to do with the early showing. Although if its twins, congrats, they are a lot of fun

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Mia- thanks its a lotus with a fetus inside. its in memory of my miscarriage at 16. i was only 12 weeks but he wasn't able to make it that realistic haha. im adding on every time i get pregnant. we are hoping for a boy and if we get one his name will be Aidric Bentley Furtado. And i will put him on there as a bubble with a newborn inside curled in a different position. imhoping to do it for all my kids in the future. and each will have the name and last initial under there specific bubble.

Nidia- yeah thats what i keep hearing. the lady at the maternity store said the same thing to us yesterday lol.

Kristina-thanks, it would be cool to have twins but scary too! this is our first baby lol. but i will just be happy to have a baby that is happy and healthy and if i get two "the more the merrier!"

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Wow!!!! I cant wait to hear what the your doctor will say(smile)

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Thanks Michelle........we are super excited too, we cant wait to hear the heartbeat and everything. im so tired lately that i take like 2 naps a day and my weird dreams keep me up half the night.

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LOVE seeing your belly pics Smile keep them coming.

I really was touched by the way you memorialized your lost baby and will put your new little one there along side. Great idea Smile

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thanks Cara, yeah i plan to keep my belly pics coming weekly! i cant believe how fast my baby and belly are growing tho! its amazing!

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Congrats!!! Your tiny baby belly is adorable!

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Aww yayyyy!!!!! Your belly is soooo cute !! Im a little bloated too so i might have to buy pants soon as well but my shirts will still fit i just have to wear cardigans lol im not telling friends until my third month