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Anyone else having problems with insomnia? I really should be sleeping right now...

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ME!!! *raises hand high in the air* It takes me about 3 hours to fall alseep at night. And if DD is up through the night, I can never get back to sleep.

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I'm having this problem too! I can usually get to sleep alright (or rather I don't mind being up as I can catch up on some reading) but when DD gets up in the night (which is 70-90% of the time lately) I can't fall back asleep. Even last Tuesday/Wednesday when I was in the hospital for that PTL scare I had the hardest time falling asleep with 15 mgs of morphine in my system. I tried so hard to sleep and just laid there for hours. Sad

I hope everyone can find some ways to sleep before these newbies come. The end of pregnancy isn't supposed to be easy, but everyone needs their sleep, preferably without the constant help of benadryl (sp) or the like.

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Oh me too just started not too long ago but is killing me!!! I am so tired then when I go to bed I just sit there for hours before I can fall asleep Sad

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Meeeeeeeee!!!!! Today was really bad even my boss said i look like crap ! Smh

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I don't really have a hard time to fall asleep but I get waken up all the time. I am not confortable at all grrrrr
I pee 3 to 4 times a night plus when my son wakes up I have a hard time going back to sleep. and he wakes up 2 times a nights lately since he started school... so yep pretty tired mama here! urggggg

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I'm sorry you are all having problems too! I can usually go to sleep just fine, but if I get awakened at night, I have a hard time going back to sleep.
We have had sick kids since Friday here, so that hasn't been helping at all.

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I can fall asleep easily enough, but staying asleep is the problem. Between the bathroom trips and fighting my husband for the covers, I don't get a lot of sleep. Luckily, DH is really good about letting me nap on the weekends, so I catch up a bit then!

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Me, me, me!!!! I hope benadryl and tylenol are really safe because I have to resort to them at least a couple nights a week just to keep from going crazy!!!

Oh, PS.. sleeping in my own queen sized bed away from DH helps a lot...