Its a....................

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Its a....................

GIRL! So actually I'm a little bummed about it I just knew I was having a boy SMH oh well another princess to buy cute outfits for and paint toes with. Oh and they kicked my due date to Jan 30 SMH I really wish they stop changing it.

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Congrats on the baby GIRL!!!! Does tha mean that there might be a number 3 in the future Smile That is strange they keep changing your due date?

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Congrats on the girl! You can look forward to your girls being great sisters and best friends!

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Congratulations on another GIRL! They are fun to shop for, and like PP said, your girls will grow up being best friends.

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Congratulations on your baby girl!

Sorry to hear they changed your date again. I'm worried that they may change mine after my u/s next week. Hoping not! Congrats again!

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Congrats on another girl! I was a little bummed too when I found out this baby wasn't a boy. But it's been a week now and I'm over it and looking forward to having 3 girls!

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Yay girl!! Congrats!

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I'm slowly getting over it. I love shopping for my daughter now and she really needs a playmate lol. She has an older sister but she lives with her mom and doesn't get to come over much(custody issues)...and as for me having another I HIGHLY doubt it unless I marry a man that has no kids and really wants one. I don't like being pregnant AT ALL

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I know exactly how you feel. That was one of the reasons I was excited to be having boys, because I have seen my husband with his brother and they are very close. I know I am very close to my sister- and thank God every day for her. Congrats!!

(twin boys due sometime in January)