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It's a...



I'm so excited for Sophia to have a little sister!! I always wanted a sister growing up, now I get two sweet little girls!! DH is really excited too, which I was surprised by cause I thought he wanted a boy. I told him he's going to be in trouble in another 14 years or so. Wink We make some beautiful little girls!

Now we just have to decide on a name!!

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Oh Yahoo congrats on the baby girl!!!!!!

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Congrats on your little GIRL!! I bet they'll be best of friends. Biggrin

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Congratulations on your little GIRL!!! They will be the best of friends!

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Congratulations on a baby girl!! Yay Yahoo

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congrats..I'm sure your girls will have a ball growing up together since they are so close in age

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Yay! Congrats on the second little princess!

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Congrats! I am very close to my sister and thankful my parents decided to have her.

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