Its a...

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Its a...

Heidi is here, born yesterday at 2h37pm, 8 pounds, 2 ounces, 19 and a quarter inches!
we are ok, all natural birth.
birth story and pix to follow soon Smile

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Congratulations Vicky!

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Congrats on the baby girl! A big congrats on the size and all natural birth!!!! I cannot wait to see pics!

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:lurk: Been waiting to hear the news!!! Congrats on your baby girl!!!!!

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Congratulaions! WTTW Heidi! I can't way to about her birth and see pictures!

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Yay congrats!

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Congrats Vicky!!! WTTW Heidi! So happy for you!

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Vicky congratsss!!

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Congrats on your little GIRL!!!!! So exciting!

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Congratulations on your little GIRL Vicky!!! Having one of each is so amazing! Also, congrats on your NCB!!

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Congratulations! Cant wait for story and pics!

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Congrats!! Cant wait to see and hear more! Blum 3

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Congratulations, Vicky!! Can't wait for pics!