Just wondering....

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Just wondering....

Is everyone taking prenatal vitamins still?
With my 1st pregnancy I was taking them everyday. With this one, I had hard time digesting so I didn't take them everyday and now I pretty much stopped taking them.
Books says as long as you eat healthy enough you don't really need to take vitamins.. any thoughts?

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I still take them. I took them while we were trying, this pregnancy, and I will take them while I breast feed.

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I'm still taking mine, most days I remember. I take the gummy prenatals which seem to cause less upset to my stomach. I will also continue to take them while breastfeeding.

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I take them but I'm not as panicky if I forget a day every here and there. As you mentioned, a healthy diet is the important thing. I take them mostly for the extra folic acid, iron and "filling gaps". I'll continue to use them when BFing as well as they haven't bothered me nearly as much this time around as with DD.

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I still take mine...as long as I remember...and I will continue to take them afterward.

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I am not. I've been horrible about taking this time around, but with each pregnancy I generally stoppe taking them around 18 weeks.