Looking back . . .

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Looking back . . .

I cannot believe it's been a year since we got pregnant! Around this coming weekend will mark when I O'd and got pregnant with John. I really cannot believe it's been that long already. This is all going by so fast!

I'm sure most of you weren't as obsessed as I was with charting and lining things up for a BFP, but do you all remember when you found out you were pregnant with your Snow Dragon?

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"MissMia" wrote:

I'm sure most of you weren't as obsessed as I was with charting and lining things up for a BFP, but do you all remember when you found out you were pregnant with your Snow Dragon?

Obsessed would just about describe me at this time last year!

I've been thinking a lot about this lately too and thinking back to where I was in the cycle that gave me my little guy. It was a crazy IVF cycle that included a hospitalization following the retrieval, and ending with the RE's nurse surprising me and telling me they had checked my HCG 5 days after my transfer and I was pregnant. It felt unreal and I kept it to myself all day. When my husband got home he looked at me and said "are you pregnant?", I said yes, and that was my big announcement!

I remember exactly how/when I learned I was pregnant with my other children also. So amazing each time :). I have written down the story of how they all were born and this just made me think of writing how I found out too before I forget the details.

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I love that story Kara. Same as you without the hospitalization. I remember thinking when I heard my beta numbers that it might be twins and being worried but excited. After waiting so long I was just waiting for something bad to happen. My husband and I were both worried that our happiness would be stripped from us. And worried, after all the trying for #2, about how this would affect our lives and our son. I had just accepted a job and had to tell them pretty quickly about the pregnancy.

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I sill have another month to go before I got my BFP, but I remember it very clearly. I decided to stop taking BC because it was really messing with me. DH and I are still amazed at how quickly it happened. She was our "one-shot" wonder from Mother's Day last year Lol A few weeks went by and I didn' think much of it. We had agreed to start TTC in the summer hoping for a spring baby. Well, the last day of school I remember feeling off. My boobs were sore and I just didn't feel quite right. I kept running to the restroom expecting to see AF and nothing. I asked DH to pick up a test on his way home from work. As soon as he got home I took it and I just stared in disbelief. I couldn't believe it! I still can't believe it sometimes. We went through so much to get Cameron, and this little girl happened without us trying or even really being aware. I'm so thankful that this last time went so smoothly!!

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This time last year we were looking at houses to rent as I had just committed to a job change with lots of responsibility. Though we were a family of three I opted for a newer 5 bedroom house because we had been living in a small condo for so long and we needed to spread out. I knew IVF was also coming and I hoped it would work out, but there was a less than 25% chance of twins... so I was extra lucky I planned ahead - just in case.


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I remember tryind for a year and nothing.. We went in for the IUI in Feb and that got cancelled i remember crying to the the dr and my husband bc i thought it would never happen for me and my husband then the next month when we finally did the IUI i was sooo scared it was going to fail ! I remember the day i got my BFP i was supposed to do to the dentist and something told me to take a test .. It was soooo light that i thought it was the trigger shot !! I took a test everyday for two weeks i bought two boxes of FRER and two boxes of Clearblue !! That was the best day of my life