Maybe TMI....

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Maybe TMI....

Anyone else have itchy boobies? Like ridiculously itchy!!!! And my nips are HUGE!!! Lol sorry if tmi but what do ya do?;)

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Me!! Mine were super sore until bout 2 weeks and now they just itch constantly. I don't know what to do for them either, so I just itch if I'm at home Lol

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I went through that a few weeks ago. Using lotion several times a day seemed to help but it was still annoying!

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Yep itchy boobies!! lol!!! Just put lotion but there is nothing else we can do...

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yeah mine are sore and ichy I just put lotion on it and alway wear support.

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Yep! They've become super sore again too. I've been leaking colostrum forever which is new to me as I never leaked with DD. Part of me wonders if that has to do with that we only stopped nursing in February.

I haven't tried it yet, but a lot of ICP friends I know say mint lotions (I think bath and body works has one?) works really well for itchy skin. I'm itchy everywhere so it's sort of second nature at this point. I just try not to scratch them in public.

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I had that until about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I used to rub patrolium on my boobs and the itch would go away. My nips are big a swollen too! I just keep Bio oil on them and my tummy and it helps.

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Is bio oil expensive? I've seen commercials but I'd never used it. I always liked the palmers stretch mark cream. I know stretch marks are more about genetics then anything, but I didn't get any until after I stopped using it at the end of my pregnancy with DD.