Measuring small.....

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Measuring small.....

So I had my first O.B. appointment last Friday and everything went good. When she took out the ultrasound to measure Aidric she said he measured 4 days small.......I hope he's getting everything he needs. We aren't changing the due date he's just a lil small. And a lil tmi moment....I might have a vaginal infection. It made my exam hurt and And sex feels like needles. So when the results income back I'll need to go on an antibiotic. I just wanna be able to be intimate with my husband again and I don't want the infection to hurt my baby. Has anyone else ever had an infection so bad it hurt to be touched there or have sex?

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I wouldnt worry too much if the baby isnt that far off. Could just be that one of the measurements they did was a little off. The fact that hes so active is a good sign that it was just a technical err Smile As far as the vaginosis goes, it wont directly hurt the baby. Just makes your life more uncomfortable Sad If it were to go un treated then it could cause your membranes to rupture a little early (a friend of mine had her baby at 36 weeks for that reason... not too early Smile ), but it sounds like you got it under control Smile

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I agree that four days isn't a huge difference and I'm sure he's perfectly fine. As Kier said, measurements can be off.

I"m sorry about the infection. I haven't experienced that but it does not sound fun! I hope the antibiotics clear things up quickly for you.

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Yes I have had an infection like that! Youch! Good news is you will start to feel better quick once you are on meds....and I agree 4 days off is nothing to worry about...

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Yeah 4 days isn't bad I was off by a week. Sorry about the infection hope it clears up soon.