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Moving here

Hey guys!
Just waiting on AF to show now. My cycle was really erratic this month with temps all over the place before O and then a very slow to rise pattern at O. Also, late O even for me, it was CD25 this month, and I usually O about CD 20ish. Align, when I conceived DD it was a CD35 O. So I guess I was a little optimistically superstitious that it would be our month. But, doesn't look like it. Temps are going down and a condition bfn this am.

I am concerned, becuase I had cramps really bad for the past 5-6 days..... So early I thought they might have been implantation cramps, but it wasn't. I had quit taking the RRL by then, so I know it wasn't that. And it was too early to be AF bc she isn't even here yet. I don't know, maybe I was just too observant for my own good.

I was asking on the DEC, board the details of the royal jelly, cause it looks like I should try that.

Anyway, really bummed, and especially bummed because my cyces are so long that I have to wait so long to O that I get really frustrated. Like I have this huge build up for nothing.

Thanks for listening. See ya soon!!!!!

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((HUGS)) Amber that sounds so frustrating!

I hope that this cycle isn't as erratic for you and that everything works out well. I agree that it's really easy to be overly observant of your symptoms when you want to be pregnant so badly and feel that it's going to be this month.

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There's always the chance that it isn't over yet, but I wish you'd gotten a BFP instead of a BFN. :bigarmhug:

When you ovulate late time really drags!

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Welcome! This is my first month taking royal jelly! I first started taking capsule form, but read that the fresh stuff is more effective. I take about two tsp/day, morning and evening. I did notice cramping pretty early, like CD 5, thought maybe I was ovulating early, but neg OPK. Also sometimes my nipples feel like they're on fire! Not sure if both these were caused by RJ, or something else (started taking maca as well) I test in 7 days, so I'll let you know if RJ worked for me!!

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Amber, I'll be stalking you like mad. I'm sorry that dumb witch came along. Have you got your RJ yet? (((hugs)))

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Thanks for checking in..... Really appreciate it.
I actually got the RJ today, but just got the gel caps from vitamin world..... Hope its ok. The organic stuff was pretty expensive, and I had already been to sephora earlier, so ya know.........
I hope it's effective Enough.
My period is pretty heavy this month, with clots, and that unusual for me. I really thought that I fertilized and didn't implant in February. wondering if this months erratic temps and heavy period are related to that possibly. I dunno....... It's just been a weird cycle.