multi topic post..sig help, doctors appt.

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multi topic post..sig help, doctors appt.

Ok ladies I haven't posted often but I need to get into the swing of things..I was pretty active on my Augst 2009 board....Ok as I stated in the title I have a few things to talk about LOL so here it goes

1) Can somebody help me change my sig I forgot how and my daughter is almost 3 yrs old not 1 Smile

2) So yesterday I went to my final appt with my GYN and she released me to an OB that she's comfortable with (I'm kinda unsure because its a practice and I prefer to have the same doc I see all pregnancy deliver me too) so that appt is Aug 13 and the hospital they are with is supposedly the best place to deliver in Maryland. I have gained 6 lbs already :eek: which is surprising because I am naturally small and only gained 18 lbs with my daughter. My doctor and eerybody else thinks its a boy (I sure hope they are right) I get a sonogram Aug 2nd so hopefully they can tell then. Now heres where I'm date has been changed 3 times. If I go by my period I should be due Jan 31, when I got my last sono my doc said I was due feb 2 which would make me 11 weeks 5 days but yesterday she told me I was 12 weeks and 6 I basically have NO clue how far along I am.

Ok I think that's all...hope you all are doing wonderful

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Hi Tia,

To edit signature, go to SETTINGS (on top) then click on edit signature (on the left)... that's it!!

with my first pregnancy the docs changed my EDD lots of time but I ended up sticking with my LMP and I had my son 9 days early.
If I would have followed the docs EDD, I would have been 18 days early so I don't think they were right. Plus he was 8pounds 3 ounces.

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Yeah my due date is off from when i had my last period by almost a week. They say I much have ovulated a week later then I should have. I thought my due date was going to be January 6th but the doc said it was January 13th so we will see what happens.

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My dates don't add up either, but my doctor said that in his practice they generally go by LMP unless the ultrasound shows your off by more than 7 days in one direction or another. I would guess that your u/s showed your baby measuring bigger. Are you going by the u/s date then? If so, that makes you one day shy of the second tri!! Woot! Woot!!

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Speaking as a physician, being a solo practitioner precludes any chance of having a family life. I would hate to be on call every night. I know some old docs who did that but they also took a one month long vacation every year- so if you delivered at that time you were out of luck. I hope you like your new doc. I also have to find a new doc and i have many concerns. We all have our perfect birth experience in mind...

Hope you will post more so we can get to know you.

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thanks ladies for your response...Holly I'm sticking to the latest due date it puts me closer to delivery LOL. I'm hoping this peanut comes Jan 15-18 so I can get back to class the end of january