My Appointment Update

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My Appointment Update

my appointment went well. Babes HB was 124 (much lower than it has been) but during the NST (Non-stress test it measures contractions and babes HB) it was between 120-156 so thats good. Baby passed the test.

My bp was good, urine looked good and so far no pre-e even my blood screen came back pretty clean. (: I still have an ultrasound Thursday, because apparently High BP can mean low birth weight, but Im not at all worried since my uterus is measuring 2 weeks ahead and the dr I love and uses his hands to measure baby thinks baby takes up the perfect amount of space in my belly so Blum 3 to the rest of them.

I didnt get a chance to call the OB office I want to switch to, idk when shane (DH) is working this week but hopefully I'll get a chance to use his phone since mine is beyond repair. Grr. I got some advice from some of my FB momma friends saying to just wing it at this OB office and just show up where I want to give birth and refuse transfer, or keep pestering the office I'd like to switch too, and ask to speak directly to an OB to explain why I feel the need to transfer so late in the game. I plan on calling the office on a day hub works nights and asking to speak to an OB, if no one will hear me out, I may just show up in labor LOL

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Well it is good news on no pre-e. I hope the baby is gaining good weight.

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Sounds like a great appointment overall! Good luck with everything!