My Baby!!

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My Baby!!

Here's my peanut Smile

I think the u/s went pretty well. She didn't say a whole lot, but mentioned baby was measuring right on track. However, according to the GA on the u/s pic it says 18w5d, so it's a week behind. I'm not sure if they'll change my due date or not. I mentioned that I couldn't really feel baby (and LO was wild; kicking and moving all over). She confirmed that I have an anterior placenta and that I should start to feel LO more frequently in the next few weeks. That made me feel better! She also took a guess at gender, but wasn't 100% certain. She said we will double check when I do my 4D scan at the end of October. I'm going to leave you ladies hanging until the next u/s to be sure it's correct Wink Don't hate me for it!!

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What an awesome picture of your LO! So glad all is well! Can't wait until October! I am wishing for another u/s to confirm gender as well, but may just let it be a surprise!

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Aw hi peanut!!!! I have an anterior placenta as well trust me by 19-20 weeks you will feel it !! I feel him mostly at night ! Lol

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I am glad the baby is good love the pic!!! I might just hate you a little for making me wait but I will survive.....maybe.

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Hi Baby! I'm so glad everything looked great despite the discrepancy in dates. I remember Em measured almost a week ahead but all was normal with her too and they didn't end up changing the dates on things. What a relief to know your placenta is anterior and that's what's been preventing you from feeling them move as much.

I kind of like the suspense, looking forward to all the cute pics in October!

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Hi little baby!!!
too bad we have the wait for the sexe, loL!!!

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Not going to tell us the sex!?! Where is the un-like button Wink hehe

Glad you had a good u/s. It's always nice to get a peek in there....I'm glad you got some reassuring info about not feeling much movement. Smile