My birth story...

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My birth story...

It's long, but I posted it on my blog today with pictures.

I had a home birth! | The REAL Real Housewife

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Wow that was pretty amazing I would have been so scared if Ciara was coming out and no doc/midwife was there. You are a very strong woman way to go!

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I read it twice.. there honestly are no words. Smile Congratulations on your successful home birth and God Bless you and your family!! Biggrin

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Thank you ladies! It was quite an experience, that is for sure. Even though it didn't go like I wanted, it was still so much better than my daughter's birth in 2010 so I'm pretty happy with it!

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:lurk: I loved your birth story!! Congratulations on the arrival of your son. Praise God for His blessings and faithfulness. Biggrin

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Amber what a fantastic birth story!! While I genuinely love all birth stories, I am really fond of detailed stories and NCBs. I think home births are so awesome and I love how being in your own space made such a difference in your comfort level throughout your labor and delivery.

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Thanks Mia! I think sometimes my writing is detailed to a fault but I write my birth stories so I can remember when my kids are an adult, so it's the little details that I think are so important!

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I can't seem to tell you enough times how awesome your story is. Especially knowing that both our #3s were surprises, seeing your outcome has been so encouraging to me. So happy for you.

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Amber, you are a rock star!!! I love how much detail and how you were able to get the photos to support all the special moments. You are a super mom! (((hugs)))