My First Birth (OT)

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My First Birth (OT)

So I think some of you know I am a doula and I just have to share that I had my first solo birth a few weeks ago and the experience was just so so soo amazing! (Im sharing with her permission and wont use her name or her daughters names)

Momma had been on hospital bedrest for 6weeks for GD and Pre-e and was going to have an induction that Saturday, however baby decided enough was enough and her water broke Thursday in the middle of the night! I went in, her two daughters were my helpers (; Her girls are 12(K)&16(L) and were so very excited to meet this new baby and to help mom with everything she needed. Her hopsital MW told her she could have a waterbirth since they offered wireless monitoring and thought that the water would help lower her BP which it did! Her husband was out of town on business and was supposed to be back Friday night/Saturday morning so it was just us girls!

Me and her girls took shifts walking with Momma, helping her squat in the shower, labor dance etc. The girls were incredible! Since we had been talking and figuring out what role everyone would play for a while there was no awkward moments or "now what do we do"s lol Her focus phrase was "Its a beautiful day for a birthday" (Shes a big Greys fan and took it from McDreamys "Its a beautiful day to save lives" lol)

During transition the girls decided to step back and let Momma do her thing in the tub. I did a lot of breathing and hip squeezing. When she started feeling pushy, she never said a word, it was almost like we all just knew this was it. L went to grab the MW who was already in another part of the room getting washed up. K stayed out of the tub and held Mommas shoulders and head, she was whispering so sweetly and softly to her sibling and mom. L and I were half in half out of the tub with the MW rubbing her hips and back as she pushed. After about 5 minutes a stunning 8lb 6oz baby boy was born into the water and into his sisters waiting arms! The girls handed Baby to Momma and they just stared at each other, bonding and meeting for the first time outside the womb for about 10-15mins. It was beautiful.

Then she got out of the tub moved to the bed and delivered the placenta while holding baby with my help. Dad arrived about 5minutes later and 10minutes after that we did the cord and mom got looked over while dad did skin to skin and gave babe an herbal bath! (: It was truely beautiful and we got some amazing birth photos.

It has me SO excited to give birth again! I cant wait to meet this bundle! I have one more client due 12.12.12, she's my last until baby is born. And I have a backup doula for her just in case I cant make it. Im back up for 2 doulas late december so I may have 1-3 more births before my own. (:

Hope no one minds me sharing!!

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How excitinggg!!!! Omggg are you going natural as well ??

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Hoping to have my natural birth!! (: I was induced with my other two for severe pre-e, but so far no pre-e and nothing else saying I shouldnt be able to get what I want (:

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Wow that is exciting good job!

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What a beautiful birth story! I had forgotten you're a doula, what an amazing profession. I'd love to take up a roll like that someday. Smile It is amazing how her daughters were such a great (and informed) support system for their mom. I so hope you're able to get the NCB you want this time around, it's an amazing experience and I'm sure with your knowledge you'll rock it. Biggrin