My little bean

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My little bean

I had an ultrasound yesterday to determine the due date. Looks like I ovulated a week later then my period suggested. So here is my little bean at 8 weeks 4 days.

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Hi baby! While being due a week later then you expected isn't always a fun adjustment, it's nice to know that everything is going great!

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Awww... What an adorable little bean. Smile Thanks for sharing!

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Cute! TFS

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Hi there baby :wavehello:

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Hi baby! Biggrin

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hey little baby!

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aww love those, Hi little baby!!

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Awww hi babyyyyy!!!

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Yay - what a cutie pie!

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Looking good. Any further ultrasounds planned?

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I think my doctor does 2 more one around 16 weeks I think for the sex and one toward the end for the size. Maybe we will do a 3d as well not sure yet.

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Yay!! Cute baby!!