My Ultrasound Today!

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My Ultrasound Today!

So I went in this morning for an ultrasound and found out my daughter is growing rapidly. I am 32 weeks 3 days and she is measuring 34 weeks 3 days and already weighs 5lb 5oz! If she keeps on growing at this rate, she will be huge by my due date. These are my stats for previous pregnancies:
Baby #1:37 weeks-7lb 12 oz
Baby #2:35 weeks-5lb 15 oz
Baby #3:38 weeks-8 lb
Baby #4:38 weeks-8 lb
Baby #5:38 weeks-8 lb 1 oz
Baby #6:38 weeks-7 lb 6 oz
I can't wait to talk to my dr. next week to get his opinion on this. Hopefully, this will help me get my early induction but not have to have a c-section. Has anyone had any weight estimations on their baby lately?

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baby girl is growing fast!!!

I go in for my weight estimation at 36 weeks so I still have 4 weeks to go till I find out how big baby girl will be. I had DS at 37 1/2 weeks and he was 7-11.

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How awesome for a good u/s! I just had a BPP done yesterday on this little one because I'm at risk for IUGR with the ICP. He was measuring at 33 weeks so right on there, and 5 lbs 11 oz which sounded HUGE for this stage but my MW just said everything was great. With DD her last weight estimate (within a week of her birth) was over six and a half pounds and she was 5 lbs 5 oz. They say the estimates are largely influenced by the baby's position and she was pretty low down so I'm wondering if that had something to do with it.

Either way, it sounds like your babies have amazing birth weights so I wouldn't be too worried if the estimate was off. Biggrin

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Sounds like your baby girl is doing well. I don't put too much merit on the weight estimates...they are usually off for me.

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That is great news!!!
At 28weeks 3 days, u/s was saying baby was 3 pounds. I have another u/s on Dec. 17 (I'll be 35 weeks) can't wait to see !!