Need some reassurance

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Need some reassurance

:help1: Ok, so I KNOW I should get rid of the thermometer now that I have my BFP, but stupidly I didn't. :mad: My temps have been staying around 97.7-97.9. This morning I woke up about 20 min early and my temp was down to 97.5. However, I laid there and took it again about 5 min later and it was 97.6 and about 10 min after that (still laying there) it was up to 97.9. So was the first just a fluke? I'm not usually this paranoid, but I had a miscarriage at just 4weeks in Feb, so now I have myself worried.

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First off, Congrats on the new baby! idont think you should worry so much. the stress isnt good for you. you should just try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy. my very first was a miscarriage and now i have a bit of nervousness. but you have to try to not worry about it.

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I don't know much about temping and I have had two m/c in the past myself so I understand as well...however, I do agree try not to stress yourself out and enjoy the joy of knowing that have a little bun in the oven....