Oh baby name drama!

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Oh baby name drama!

My husband is for lack of a better expression a name ****. He likes ONE name for each gender B- Liam G-Natalia. Problem? I do not like the name Liam with our last name and IMO its way too popular now. Natalia I like, but as a middle name only. I read him 6thousand boy and girl names. He rejected every. Last. One. I'm going to end up naming this poor kid Kno Nayme! :O

I like the following :
Fallyn (Fallon)
Lela (lee-luh)
Ever Everly Everlynn

Ari (are-e)
Shiloh (would totally use this for a girl also)

There's more but that's off thetop of my head.
He hates everything! Ugh

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I really like Harlow and Maddox! Maybe if you pick one of each you really like just start using it a lot and maybe it will rub off on him.

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I love so many names on your lists! Aven, Harlow Maddox and Ari are my faves. I agree with Patricia I'd take my favorites and start throwing them around so DH could feel them out.

I think all SO's have some hang ups with names.

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Sorry that you're having difficulties naming LO. Naming a baby is one of the hardest decisions to make, so hopefully you'll both be able to agree on a name soon! I like Maddox for your boy name. Hang in there!

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I completely understand. I gave DH a list of 15 boys and 15 girls names, and he also rejected every.single.one. Men are so frustrating! :bonkself: Hope you guys can come up with a name you can agree on! I like Lela and Milo!