oh dear...

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oh dear...

So today my DD came home from daycare with a very special present... head lice! YIKES! We used the the treatment on her, but now I'm wondering, what if I get lice too? It says right on the box do not use if your pregnant!

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Oh no! Hopefully you won't have any further issues!

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You and I are fighting the same battle right now Sad My girls have been fighting it for nearly 2 weeks. I did talk to my OB, and he said not to use RID but that Nix was a class B product, and was okay to use. I didn't want to risk it, so I wrapped my head in mayonnaise Smile I never did get it, but I was trying to be proactive. If you do that, get the plain old mayo and massage it into your hair. Leave it in for AT LEAST 2 hours and then wash with something like tea tree oil. Also, if you use vinegar to rinse it will loosen any nits or eggs. That's what we've been doing here. We'll be doing anothe mayo wrap on the girls today because Grandma came down yesterday and she's fighting it too. I hate it! Hopefully you won't get it!! :bigarmhug:

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YIkes I hope you're able to avoid it.

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Before I had kids, I thought throwing up children was the one thing I really dreaded about having children. I've added lice to that list.

My daughter came home from school last fall with it. We actually, luckily, caught it early because she asked me to do pigtails and I saw a bug, but she only had about 5 bugs on her head. But, the nits were everywhere. UGH! I was totally obsessive about getting rid of it. I did the treatment that night, but then almost every night for a week, (or maybe 2), I used comb and went through her head meticulously. I was horrified by the whole thing. I ended up doing a second treatment on her after a few days because I was still finding a few little ones that had hatched. EEEW.

I was TTC then, and was in the TWW and did not want to use the treatment on myself. I kept having my husband checking me, but because I didn't trust him fully, I went into my daughter's school nurse's office twice and had them check my head. Smile I'm sure they thought I was crazy. I ended up having a CP that month. But, the TWW wait went fast because I was so preoccupied with the lice problem.

I also read somewhere that you had to sanitize all the bedding, cushions, stuffed toys, etc that they have had contact with. If it's something not washable, seal it in a plastic bag and keep it away and closed for 2 weeks. It was so much work, but I did all that, for all the beds and pillows and toys because she'd been EVERYWHERE the day before. None of the rest of us ended up getting it, though.

I feel SO bad for you guys dealing with it. It is such a nightmare! I try to make sure my daughter wears a ponytail everyday to school now, in case that will help her from getting it again.

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I've been doing nonstop laundry for 2 weeks. It sucks! I agree with Kara though...make sure you wash everything she came into contact with. Also, there is a RID spray that you can get to use on furniture, carseats, etc. Good luck

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OH GOD!!! I'm sorry!!!