Oh the pressure & bag packing...

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Oh the pressure & bag packing...

My pelvis feels like its about to split apart and shatter. Oh.My.God. :O Walking is miserable and chasing my two earthlings? Forget about it! My friends mom gave me a free adjustment a few weeks ago and it helped move baby into a better spot, so Im going to see if she will come over today and help a preggo girl out! lol

Im also packing my bag, I just have this urge to do it. Hopefully the munchkins will nap together so I have a few hours alone to just pack and sit and be lazy! lol (a girl can dream right?)

-Depends Women (Super cozy, better than mesh and pads, no ruined clothes or panties)
-Make up bag (vain? maybe a little lol)
-Shower bag (shampoo, brush, toothbrush etc)
-3 tanks (1-labor/delivery 1-labor tub 1-after birth)
-Universal charger
-Mothers Milk Tea
-snacks and drinks
- 2 toys per kiddo
-Change of clothes for hub
-Snuggle swaddler
Ill also probably bring my laptop for hub, my monster radio box for music and of course 2 outfits (one girl one boy) and plain onsies!

I think thats a good list! (:

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It does sound like a good list. That reminds me I need to get a gift from baby sister to DS.

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I am so glad you posted because I am going to have to get on this soon. I don't know which chiropractors are good with pregnant ladies so I have not gone in despite the similar pelvic shattering pain. I need to ask around though because it would be great if I found some relief - even if it is temporary. Babies seem to be in a good position for birth, though.

Tiffany - 35 weeks tomorrow - 3 weeks to go (max)

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I had to hurry and finish packing my bag this morning...too bad I came home. Sad This is a good list. I think I should add a few items to my bag.

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I, too, am planning on packing my bag soon. I bought some things to put in it tonight while I was at Wal-Mart. I still need to get nursing pads and a baby book to put in there.

Sorry about the pain. Hope you find some relief soon!

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Don't forget a camera!

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Holly- NURSING PADS! Lol I knew I was forgetting something!!

Lesli- we have our camera sitting by the front door(where the charger is on our bar), I dont want to pack it because I am always using it on the kiddos!

I have a Last Minute List hanging on the door also so hub or whoever is with me can gather up everything I want. I even pinned a ribbon to my favorite pillow so they would know which one to grab LOL

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That's a good idea to pin something on your favorite items so your hubby knows exactly which one to bring. I always assume DH knows what I want and most of the time, it's wrong Smile

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Sorry about the pain you're in but that's a good list! Do you have slippers or another type of easy slip on shoe to wear?

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Mia- I have flip flops for the shower, otherwise Ill be barefoot, I HATE socks, shoes or anything on my feet especially while in pain lol

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Depends! Why have I never thought of that before? I'm totally stealing this idea so I don't have to deal with sliding pads this time!