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I got a BFP today!!!! I have been sooo hungry, yet sooo sick to my stomach the last few days, I just had a feeling I was pregnant... but there is also the stomach flu going around in my house (DD had it last week, DH is just getting over it) so I wasn't sure if it was the flu or if I was actually pregnant. I'm only 9 DPO so I was going to wait til next week to test, but just with feeling the way I do, I caved.. and to my surprize it was +!!!!!! I'm heading to the craft store to make a big sister shirt for DD to wear for when DH gets home from work! Sooo happy!! Smile :) And it looks like Cheri22 was right! I'll have a Jan. baby!

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Congrats!!!!! Smile HH9M!!!

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congrats! OMG!!! H&H9M!!! wow there are so many of us due january next year!!!! im so excited to have so many due date buddies!

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:kaos3:Yeah!!!......Congratulation and Have a Happy and Healthy 9 Months!!!:kaos3:

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can't help but still lurk here hehe. CONGRATS AMANDA Smile

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Congrats!! Awesome lines for 9 DPO! Cherri22 predicted a dec baby for us and with my edd on the edge and my preterm history/risk she may be right! When is your EDD?

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I am so happy for you, Amanda!

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Congrats Amanda!!!