OMG the bloating!

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OMG the bloating!

Is ridiculous this time around! By 5 pm I look 3-4 months pregnant! I am definitely going to have to tell my Zumba class I'm preggo soon my classes are at 8 pm and I'm full on bloat by that time! It's crazy by morning its back to normal!

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I have the same problem. I even think I am going to have to put the fitted work pants away and go to the drawstring/elastics. By the afternoon fitted pants are painful!

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Me too! It's insane. I have been wearing longer shirts and using hair ties with my jeans to make them more bearable. I even looked for a belly band at Target yesterday but didn't find one. I'm glad I've got plenty of casual dresses to wear on our mini vacation later in the week!

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Thank God im not the only one !!! I toldmy mother inlaw that i looked 3 months !!!