Ouch!!!! My cervix has become a punching bag

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Ouch!!!! My cervix has become a punching bag

Anybody else have this issue? I feel like my daughter is using my cervix as a punching bag. I don't get the normal kicks and jabs up high in my stomach like most preggo woman. My baby is sitting way down in my pelvis like I can only let DF feel because it seems like you have to put your hands down my pants to feel....anyway she is really hurting me I feel alot of kicks/punches to the cervix ugghhh

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oh yeah mine have been really low lately too! I think she really likes my bladder though it is so much fun…..

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I stll don't feel a lot of movement, but when I do, it's down low too. Several times I've thought I was going to pee my pants because of where LO was kicking. Hoping to feel movement up higher and more consistantly soon!

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I had this too a few weeks ago. I don't tend to get the sensation as much anymore... so, maybe it will go away for you too!


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I'm having this issue. My son is in the bottom but he has been since the very beginning. Its sucks!

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MY baby is kicking high and low, not really hurting my cervix... hope you get relief soon....

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I don't experience the movement in a way that bothers my cervix but he always ends up head down again at the end of the day because I'll feel hiccups and little hand movements way low down in my pelvis. I hope everyone experiencing the cervix pain/bladder stuff gets relief soon! It's hard feeli

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