Our little one is....

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Our little one is....

Reagan Mae will be her name Smile

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Aww yay another girl!! Smile Hope you had fun at your party!

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We did! I will add a few more pics in a bit, but wanted to put that one up before heading to bed. It was a great time! Based on the old wive's tales, it was all boy (and Todd wore blue to throw everyone off). They were pleasantly suprised! And my friend crochete the sweetest hat for her! I'll add the rest of the pics after church, but it was a great day!

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Yay congratulations!!!! I am absolutely in love with her name.

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Congrats on the baby girl live the name!!!! Cannot wait to hear about the party.

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Love her name!! and YAY on babygirl!!

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Love her name! Congrats again on your little GIRL!!!