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What's your favorite type of outfit to dress your LO in for going out? Bedtime?

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Most of the time Reagan is just in pajamas. They are long-sleeved and with it being so cold here, I feel better knowing she's completely covered. When we do go out, I like to put her in a onesie and a pair of pants. I'm also enjoying putting headbands on her Biggrin She still likes to be swaddled, and she's so little that I figure jammies work just as well around the house a they do at night.

How about you? What do you put John in?

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We mosty use PJs/rompers for around the house too. When we had company or I noticed he was starting to grow out of NB, I'd put him in outfits more often. Sometimes I put him in a l/s onesie shirt and pants to go out as he has a lot if tops that aren't onesies but are great for keeping him warm.

I like using gowns for bedtime but we don't have as many of them so we don't use them that often.

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DH loves dressing Ciara up everyday and picking out matching outfits. If it was me she and I stay in our pjs all day.

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Daytime: zipup sleepers
Nighttime: onesie with swaddlewrap over it

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Carter mostly wear pjs everywhere we go or a onsies with a pair of pants. Hes too small for most of his clothes

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Pj and a onesie under neath.

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I love having Philip in matching outfits with a onsie underneath. At night, warm cozy PJs or a one piece outfit. It's cooooold here too.