Pictures of Heidi

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Pictures of Heidi

Sorry it took so long to post pics:

Just born:
Just out!

On the balance:
8pounds 2 at 37,5 weeks! Big girl!!

Proud and happy parents:
Happy parents

My beautiful children:
My beautiful children Hunter & Heidi

2 days:
2 days

5 days:
5 days

1 week:
1 week

Overall all is good. Heidi is breastfeeding good. Sleeps alot during the day (feed every 3-4 hours) but is more difficult at night (eats more often and sleep less). DH is going back to work tomorrow and I'll be alone with Heidi. Hunter is at school during the day so I'll be able to go back to bed once my men are out the door.

I'll right down her birth story soon too....

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Sorry so big, didn't feel like resizing them with Photobucket...

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So cute thanks for sharing she is just a doll.

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Oh she is a doll baby! How sweet! You definitely have that "just gave birth" glow (:

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So sweet! TFS!

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She is gorgeous and you look great! I'm glad you are able to catch up on sleep during her daytime naps.

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Shes adorableeee!!

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Thanks every one!