pregnancy hernia

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pregnancy hernia

Have any of you developed a pregnancy hernia while pregnant? I thought it was just an outie but my doc said it was a hernia. It doesn't hurt at all, do you know if it will fix itself after the pregnancy or will I need surgery? If it doesn't ever hurt should I just not worry about it?

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I don't have any answers for you, but I hope you get the answers you need. I know with babies, they usually heal themselves. GL!

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I haven't, but I know of someone who had a hernia that formed during a second pregnancy and was able to just let it heal on it's own. I would mention it to your ob just to see what they think.

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umm not sure at all. But my sis's baby had one and it fixed itself so I don't know.

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Thanks ladies I guess we will just see what happens, I am not worried unless it starts hurting.

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** Lurker ** Hopefully yours will go back in place!