Putting baby to bed?

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Putting baby to bed?

What is your routine to put baby down for a nap or for the night? We tried putting her in crib wih white noise and a little light... Didnt work yet... We rocked her in our arms standing up or sitting in rockng chair while she is swaddle. Seems like the only way she will be put down in her crib, swaddled And asleep? If we put her in crib unswaddle or awake, she just plAys or cry....??
What about u guys?

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For naps I lay him down when he starts rubbing his eyes and doing his sleepy whine. He is awake when I lay him down. Sometimes he goes right to sleep, other times he will cry for a few minutes. If he is crying for more then a few minutes I go in and pick him up and sway back and forth with him in my arms until he calms down, then I lay him back down. By then he is usually pretty tired from crying and goes to sleep. At night time, DH usually puts him to bed while I put DD to bed. DH usually rocks him til he is sleepy and then will lay him down.
With DD we always rocked her to sleep and would very carefully lay her down.. if she woke up we would have to start all over again. Some nights it would take 2 hours to get her to bed, or down for a nap. This time I vowed I wouldn't do that, so I am letting him self soothe a little more then we did with her.

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We haven't tried naps in the crib yet, but for bedtime we start with lotion and jammies. We give her a bottle, swaddle her, and after she eats we put her in the crib awake and she falls asleep to a noise machine. She does have to have a paci or she won't sleep.