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Qotd 12/13/12

What is your birth plan, natural, medicated, c-section?

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I will go natural as long as I can, will more than likely get the epidural because I don't have a very high pain tolerance....I'm kinda terrified of the epidural because I got a spinal headache with dd (labor was great...the next 3 days were hell) hoping that doesn't happen again!

I had to get induced with dd (she would prob still be in there if we didn't induce) hoping I will go into labor on my own this time

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I will have to go into labor on my own because they will not induce if you had a c section. I want to go natural as long as posible but if I want to I will get an epidural. If when I do my ultrasound next week and they say the baby is pretty big then I might just toss this all out the window and get a c section, I just really dont want to.

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Planning a natural birth and by golly I better get it! LOL After two inductions and one near death experience I am ready for my dream water birth!

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I'm a repeat c/s....

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Holly, do you have mixed feelings about the RCS or does it feel somewhat routine having gone through it before? Just curious. Smile

If the amnio tomorrow shows little man's lungs are mature, we'll induce Monday. I am hoping to go into active labor on my own before then (before the amnio would be even better) and having a NCB. If I do make it to the induction, I want the least amount of induction influence possible which my OB and MW were fine with, especially seeing as I've been SO close for over a week now and progressing regularly. I have nothing against people using pain relief as everyone has to do what's best for them, but I tend to get all the annoying side effects to things and I prefer coping through it. As hard as it is, I look at getting an NCB as a bit of a reward for long and complicated pregnancies.

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Well i planned to go natural until my birth got complicated ! I actually got induced , got my epi, planned to go vaginal , but had an emergency c- section..

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Hopefully vaginal with a great epidural. I had no problems pushing DS out despite being unable to move my legs... yes, it was a little deeper anesthesia than necessary but I like to be in control and when I am in pain it is much more difficult for me to be in control. However, doc seems to think I am going to get a C-section and with as big as these boys are and as difficult as it is to get decent contractions and pushes with a twin sized belly, that may unfortunately happen. The hospital I am delivering at has a nasty habit of turning the epi off during pushing and I am living proof that it is unnecessary.

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My plan is an induction with an epidural. I've had one natural, one near death emergency c-section where I was completely knocked out and the last 4 were planned inductions with epidurals that were absolutely wonderful. I am praying everything goes exactly like my last 4 births and not like my first 2.