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Qotd 12/14/12

Are you done having kids after this pregnancy? If not, how many more kidlets do you want?

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I want at least one more, I hope I can talk DH into it!

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We are done after this one DH is getting fixed.

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This is it for us. 4 c/s is a lot for one uterus Wink I will be getting my tubes tied during my c/s

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We are done after this. With all the complications I had this time around, I just don't think I could do it again.

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We are done after this! (probably)

Even with the infertility I am going to have an IUD placed just in case.. because wouldn't you know my luck.


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We are completely done. Dh had his vasectomy about a month ago.

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Done!!! DH will get fixed after baby is born.

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We might try for one more, but we would wait until this LO is at least 2. We wouldn't want more then a 2-3 year age gap, but both pregnancies were/are not easy on me physically or mentally so that makes me wonder if we'll feel done with two. Once we decide we are done, DH offered to get fixed.

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Done...for now.

We dont want to say we are totally done. Weve had two amazing surprises and one planned pregnancy. We will see how things look in a few years. We agree no more children once I am 30 DH will be 32 then.

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This is our last. After I get back on my feet, then DH is going to have a vasectomy.