QOTD 5/8

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QOTD 5/8

Do you prefer heels or flats?

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I prefer flats. I do not own any heels. I don't think I could walk in them, if I tried.

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pre-pregnancy it was heels and now is flats lol.

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Def flats...I'm tall as it is I see no reason to add more height!!!

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Flats for me!

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Both!!!! Smile

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Flats here! I can't walk very well in heels. I have a pair that I would wear whenever we would go to a ball, but I would always kick them off under the table by the time dancing started!

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Flats! I can't walk in heels. Blum 3

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I'm big on flats too. I like heels, but I have man feet so it's hard to find any that are comfortable let alone easy to walk in!