QOTD 6/14

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QOTD 6/14

What's your favorite place/way to search for baby names? Books? The internet? Family/Friend suggestions?

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The internet. It's so hard to choose and find ones I really love, though!

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I like to use the internet. I usually visit www.nymbler.com I like that one because I can put in my kids' names and it pulls ideas that go w/their names. I also like that it has a block list so if they pull something really bizzare, I can block it so that I don't have to see it again Smile

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I have a baby name list app on my iPod that I like but I also love sites like nymbler. I didn't realize they have a block list.

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I use the internet, http://www.babynames.com/

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We use an app on our phones as well as the SSwebsite. (:

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We use the internet. I haven't really started looking at many sites, so I appreciate the suggestions on this thread.

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I haven't even thought of/looked at names yet....last pg I used both Internet and books and also asked family for family names I wouldn't already know of (mostly on dh's side)

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I have a list of names I like, it's been going since I was pregnant with #2. When I come across a name I like I add it to the list. I like Nymbler too, for finding other names I like.