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How did you meet your significant other/spouse?

I met mine at freshman orientation for college in Iowa. We were both from far out of town. I noticed him because he was not dancing to the beat... made him stand out. Of course, I also noticed that he was cute. I loved how he didn't seem to care what others thought of him...

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Ballroom dance class, Sept 1997. He apparently saw me from across the room, noticed I was 6 ft tall - and he was immediately interested. A mutual friend of ours says it was "love at first sight". We danced in class but didn't date until the end of the classes in the spring, when he finally got the nerve to ask me to be his date for the fancy yr-end dance party that happens every year. That date never happened, b/c he had to cancel the following week due to his sailing test out of town. Instead he took me to the Opera. Faust was our very first date.

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I met my husband when we were both working at the mall. How romantic, right :rolleyes: I was working at Arby's and he was working a sporting goods store. He used to stop by almost every day and get a pop and a cookie. About 2 months after that, he asked me to go ice skating. I said yes, and then panicked...so went to a movie instead. We've been together ever since. Monday is our anniversary....7 years Smile

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Online, on yahoo personals back in 2005. Smile

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Like Holly. . .at work.

I'd just moved to Tennessee and he was the kitchen manager and I was the new server/bartender. He had a girlfriend and I'd just gotten stood up by a guy I'd been dating. His g/f broke up with him and he sat at the bar one morning after work and I got him wasted on Patron (while nursing a hangover from my first experience in Nashville) while he told me the story. We slowly became friends and two weeks later, he asked me out. I sat in his car on our first date and remember thinking, "This is it. This is the One."
I moved in a month later and we've been together ever since. Four years in October and two kids.

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At one of my best friend's birthday parties. She and I had just been getting close again, I'd been trying to talk myself into breaking up with my then BF of 5 years who was awful. We saw each other at parties and just had small talk and he drove me to my car a few times when my carpool buddies bailed early and oh, 6 months after that I told my BFF I had a major crush on him and it went from there. Moved in together two months later. I love being married to my best friend! He's such an awesome guy.

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I met my husband on a dating website.

For our first date, we went to the zoo in the snow. Then we went and walked downtown and talked while I had some coffee (he hates coffee, the weirdo). I thought he was pretty dang hot.. Wink

What first really attracted me to him was how into his family he was. Now that we have our own family, it's the top priority to both of us, which was exactly what I wanted!

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DH and I worked at toys r us together and when we first met i didnt want to date him because he was not my type ! Lol he tried everything to go on a date with me ... I stood him up twice and when we finally went on a date we talked about marriage ! I instantly fell in love with him and that was all she wrote !

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I met mine 13 years ago throught my ex, then we really got to know each other when his bf was dating my bf.

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Awwww, I love all these how we met stories!! Smile