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Qotd 7.10.12

What is the first thing you will buy or have already bought for new baby?

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The first thing I'll buy for this baby is a baby book.

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The first thing I will buy will probly be a crib mattress and crib bedding....
DH already bought a little onesie.
My mom already bought cute little bibs.

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maybe some bedding or a baby book.

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I bought a one year frame. Smile It has a center picture and month by month pictures around it. Thought that'd be cute.

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I will get onesies once we know the gender. I think i can hold put all shopping until then.

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I bought an outfit from BabiesRUs. It is a girl outfit... I love it so much. I have been eyeing it forever and it went on clearance. I was afraid that if I waited until I knew the gender, it would be gone. My mom has bought two girl outfits that I also love. When I was pregnant with DS, before I knew he was a boy, I had bought a few boys and girls clothes. I still have the girl pieces. So, in total, I have 7 girl outfits. It sounds like I really want a girl, but I will actually be happy either way. Some of these girl clothes I find are just too cute to pass up.

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Pamper and wipes lol !! I will buy it next month !! Im not buying clothes until we find out what we are having

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We will probably buy an outfit or two. We need to get a baby book, bouncer (never had one with DD but it seems like it'd be nice to try and can travel), replacement mattress for our co-sleeper.

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I made a long list of all the stuff we need because we got rid of everything after my 3 year old was done with it. I did already buy a port a crib/playpen and a highchair but I'm really excited to splurge on a video monitor system. I can't wait until my ultrasound on August 7 to find out the gender so I can start buying clothes!

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Diapers! We already starting buy different sizes when they go on sale cause you can never have too many!

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I chose baby's bedding and mobile!!
Will order it soon!!!