QOTD 7/5

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QOTD 7/5

What is your favorite TV show/series?

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How I Met Your Mother is our favorite. We watch a lot of cooking and home improvement shows too.

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I love a lot of tv series, we love tv!
How I met your mother IS funny!!!
But my favorite has to be Law and Order SVU.

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I love a lot of reality tv shows. Outside of those, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite right now.

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I have to pick only one Wink Umm...gosh!

I'd have to say it's Chopped on Food Network. I love that show! I wish I had the ability to cook like those chefs do.

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I should have listed that as favorites. Biggrin

I haven't watched How I met your Mother but DH always says it's good!

I LOVE Law and Order SUV. I didn't have cable for a few years so I was shocked when I found out about Stabler. I need to catch up on a ton of seasons. I used to be really into Law & Order Criminal Intent too (with Gorham and Ames) but I fell behind in it.

My other favorites Dog Whisperer, Intervention (though I have a hard time watching it now for some reason), and ABC's 20/20.

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I have been watching Lost on NetFlix it is really good!

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We loved Chopped as well.