QOTD 9/14

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QOTD 9/14

What's your favorite kids movie?

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I kind of like Rio I like the music. That is really strange for me too because I really don't like birds.

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Little Mermaid and anything Pixar (:

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Little Mermaid and Lady and the Tramp were always my favorites growing up. I agree that Pixar is always a hit. Smile

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I like the music in Rio, too. It is such a cute movie. I also like Finding Nemo, though I wonder why they had to kill Nemo's mom and siblings at the beginning of a children's movie. My son is sooo freaked out by that movie.

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Finding Nemo and Toy Story 1

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TANGLED! Such a cute movie! We really like the music, too!

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Well, it was The Lion King until I was forced to watch it 37 million times with Cameron Lol I still love that movie, but I also love Tangled. It's adorable...and if Harry Potter movies count, I'm a sucker for those too;)

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Finding Nemo!!!!!! Love it!! And im soooooooo happy its playing in 3D!!