Reagan is 1 month old!! And post-partum checkup

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Reagan is 1 month old!! And post-partum checkup

Wow! I cannot believe Reagan is already 1 month old. The time is sure flying by Sad I've got three weeks of leave left and it's going to be gone before I know it. I'm not ready to go back to work yet, but it helps to know that I only will have 2 months left before summer vacation Smile

I had my post-partum checkup yesterday. I'm down 17 lbs from delivery and have 14 lbs to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Other than that, things went pretty well. I asked about the lump under my incision that I've been feeling. It is where the knot is inside. He said that I was skinny enough to be able to feel it, but that the dissolvable stitches should disappear in another 2 weeks or so. He also checked my hemoglobin levels. I wasn't aware at how low they were in the hospital, but they are still low and he called me anemic. I've always wondered if I am anemic because I've had low iron issues my whole life, but have never gotten checked out. He told me to start taking iron pills and to come back in 2 months to be checked again. Blah! I hate getting blood taken Sad Overall though, the appointment was good and I'm good to go. I'm a little sad that I will never go to the clinic again for prenatal appointments, but I've got 4 great (although testy at times) little kids and I couldn't be happier Biggrin

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I hate getting my blood drawn also. Since I was very anemic in the hospital they sent me home on iron tabs and at 4 weeks I was already better in that regard. I still have about 14 pounds to go as well, though with the extra tissue from the twins pregnancy (skin) and breastfeeding (skin and breast tissue), I am not really sure what my goal is from a weight loss standpoint. I, for one, am happy to never have another pre-natal appointment. Having kids is exciting and we worked very hard to conceive these two, but I hate the morning sickness and tiredness.


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Happy one month it goes way too fast. I am back to work in two weeks it will be sad.

As of this morning I have 12 lbs left.

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Well, I thought I had three more left. Doctor called and cleared me to go back on March 4. I have been crying for the past hour. It will be good to get into a routine regarding work, but I haven't gotten enough snuggles Sad

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I'm glad your appointment went well overall but I cannot believe Reagan is a month old already! Blood work isn't fun but I hope the iron pills help. I know I always notice a difference in my overall mood/energy etc when I don't take a prenatal so I can't imagine how much low iron would affect you.

I think the transition from having children to moving forward with your family is hard. While some days I can picture us as done with having (human) kids and just getting our pets and growing that way, the idea of not ever being pregnant again is really hard. I hope we'll have another baby someday but in case we don't, I am trying to soak up our kids' littleness while it lasts.

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Happy 1 month!!!

March 3rd is soo close, sorry u have to go back to work so soon.... what do u do Hollie?

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I am a teacher...2nd grade and I love it! It will be summer before I know it. It just makes me sad to drop her off at daycare when she is so little

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