Really Hunnie?? Argh!

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Really Hunnie?? Argh!

So, we've been set on Aubrey for a while now, and all of a sudden, DH comes home today and says, "You're going to hate me." I'm thinking he did something back, but all he said is, "I want to name the baby Payton if it's a girl." WHAT?!? When I was pregnant with Addison, DH said I could choose the girl name, so I chose Payton Lynn. After our u/s, when he realized it was a girl, he freaked out. He said he hated the name and couldn't see our daughter with that name. So now, all of a sudden, he loves the name Payton? I could seriously kick his behind!

I don't love Payton anymore, and now I'm torn. I could seriously beat him!!

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:bigarmhug:I'm sorry! That is so frustrating! And I'm kinda speechless...I don't even know what to say to help you. Sorry Holly!

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Ohhhh that's sucks..... We have hard time too with boys names so I understand....
I kinda did the same thing to my DH. We settled on Micah but lately told him I don't know if I still like that name....???

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sorry really dont know what to say. I guess you can look on the bright least you have 2 names to choose from I dont like any right now.

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He made the final decision last time, you make the final decision this time. That's how DH and I do it and it works.

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I'm sorry Holly that would drive me nuts too! I hope he comes back around to Aubrey or that you can come up with another name you both like.

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Cindy, I agree, but he is insisting that I'm always the one who has the final say on names. We spent several hours last night pouring over names...and came up with 3. I like one other name, but he doesn't want her initials to be B.J. Men :rolleyes: Hopefully we'll be able to choose one soon! We asked the girls and Addison still likes Aubrey and Lauryn likes Brooklyn, which is the one DH doesn't want. IDK....he's such a PITA sometimes!