Rice cereal?

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Rice cereal?

When will u introduce cereal? Heidi is waking every 2 hours at night! She was sleeping through the night since she was 2 months?!? Now its been 2 weeks of non sleeping, u guys think shes hungry???? Im exclusively breadt feeding and Im TIRED!!!! She still wont take the bottle so no breaks ever for me Sad

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((HUGS)) I'm sorry Vicky. We had been mostly STTN or waking once for a few weeks and now that he seems to be on a growth spurt (developmentally) he is up a ton. I also think he may have allergies because despite getting over a cold, John is congested a lot.

Personally, I won't introduce any solids until 6 months. I don't bother doing it to try and help them sleep as I was told with DD that solids won't help her STTN (and they didn't).

Still, if you think she's ready maybe talk to her pedi about it? I hope she starts sleeping for you soon! I haven't tried yet, but soon we are going to have a "date night" and leave the kids at my in laws and have dinner in the same city. I know MIL didn't use bottles with any of the kids and they just timed outings around feedings and said they didn't have much of a problem. Maybe we can enjoy the same break? Everyone needs a break sometimes.

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My oldest was about that age when she started solids, she was bottle fed and 2 - 8oz bottles every feeding was a bit ridiculous in my mind so I opted to start solids early. I know the official recommendations are 6 months but they also say every baby is different. I say you know your baby best and go with your guy. Back when we were babies they didn't wait to introduce solids because of a 'recommended age'. Some of us were given formula with cereal mixed in the bottle at 3 months! That's just how they rolled back in the day Wink

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I have always introduced rice cereal at 4 months. Our pedi has always suggested it at their 4 month appointment. I am not sure if I'll do the same w/Reagan or not. She is just now sleeping through the night (most nights ;)) so we'll see. If she starts to wake at night again, I may, but I'm not in as much of a hurry this time around to start solids. I think it's because she's the last. I want to savor every moment!

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With my son I started cereal at 4,5 months.
Heidi slept throuh the night yesterday so maybe she'll be fine now?? Hopefully. I give her a bottle everyday to get her to transition from breastfeeding to formula and we are able to get her to drink 1 oz per bottle so it's a start. I want to stop bf by the time she turns 6 months and she hates bottles!!! But Mommy needs her body and freedom back Smile

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I started both my older boys at 4mths and they didn't have any issues with starting. DS2 HATED cereal, so I went straight to sweet potatoes. With Philip I'm waiting till 6 months if he can wait that long. He has such issues with my diet that the nutrition consultant thought that would be best. He wakes once or twice at night to nurse too. How many times would you say your LO wakes up altogether through night, Vicky?

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Well maybe itwas a growth spurt cause she slept 9 hours Friday, 7 Sat and 5 yesterday. Usually she doesnt wake up but when she does its once. The last 2 weeks it was almost every hour.. 2 hours !!! Thats why i was thinking of rice cereal but hopefully i can hold off another month or so.

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Well since my LO had acid relux he was put on some cereal to thicken his bottle at 3mo.. I started him on baby food ( homemaid) at around 4 mo old but he still has his rice bottles during the night time and day ... When he was 3-4 he kept waking up during the night no matter what but it got better

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We started carrots at our house because Hayden does not really need extra calories. He is still up every 3 hours at night. We might try rice next because he does have reflux and if that helped, that would be awesome. We hope the night wakenings get better, but we have never had anything close to STTN and we are quite tired.