Rolling over

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Rolling over

It's great when your baby starts hitting milestones, like rolling over, but it's not so great when they decide to practice these new found skills all night long. He rolls over and then gets stuck and screams for me to come rescue him. Last night it happened 6 times.. and 4 of those times he woke his sister up with his screaming. *YAWN*

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Oh wow that stinks.... But good that he rolls over!!
Heidi rolls from front to back but not yet from back to front. She get stuck hAlfway there and stays on her side.
So Im guessing u r not swaddling him no more? I still swaddle Heidi but not tight enough that she can't free her hands and arms. Its just to put put her asleep cause she just wants to nibble on her hands ( shes teething), which gets her mad.
A suggestion for ur son not waking ur daughter: put a fan in both rooms. Heidi wakes up at night and I change her diaper before feeding her and she always screams! With the fan he doesnt hear a thing. Their room are besides each other. Plus when Heidi naps and Hunter screams around she sleeps through it too! Just a thought! Good luck!

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What is funny is that my 4 year old - who still tries to sleep with us every night - doesn't hear them ever. And they are loud. And still up 2-3 times per night.

We still have ours in the Rock n Play strapped in, so there is no flipping over in bed. Those days are numbered though.


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I was just going to write a similar post about Reagan. She has started rolling and is no longer sleeping thru the night. It's exhausting!! I keep telling myself she will go back to STTN again soon! Sorry Spencer is doing it too!!