Rough day...

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Rough day...

What a day... My son Hunter started school today at 3 and 8 months. He took the bus at 8am and was home at 3h40.... He was soooo happy to take the bus and go to school but was sooooooooo tired when he got back, he was cranky as hell!!
He cried for everything and anything.... He was so difficult it even lead to me lashing out at DH which is never good... Hunter is finally sleeping. I feel bad I had to stick to my grounds even though he was so tired... THe thing is I'm exausted. I started back work on Aug. 27th and it has been crazy!!! We have a sh*t load more responsabilities than before with less benefits.... Let's just say my boss is overdoing it on the work load.
On top of all these emotions today, I started bleeding again this am!!! Thought I was in the clear finally (not bled for almost 3 weeks...)....
Sorry but just had to write down my feelings right now....
I'm just frustrated and tired. Hunter has been waking up for a whole week now every night asking for me to sleep with him (must be all the changes with school and me going back to work)... TIRED and crying *maybe for nothing...

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Vicky- I am so sorry about your day. I hope you get some rest and it all turns out ok. DH has ha to take over a lot of duties at our house.

Thinking about you and hoping this bleeding is nothing. I would probably call my ob if I had bleeding again at this point just to be sure they dont want to put me on bed rest or something.


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I'm sorry that you had a rough day. I had a hard time adjusting back to work as well. We have a new boss and he's definately piled on the work load as well. Hopefully after a few days Hunter will adjust to school, and you'll fall into a new routine. Hang in there hun :bigarmhug:

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((HUGS)) I'm sorry you had such a rough day. It has to be so emotional with DS starting school and getting used to the changes at work. It's never easy waking up every night. Sleep deprivation makes everything worse. I hope the bleeding lets up soon. Even with reassurance that it is okay, that has to be stressful.

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Thanks for your support girls... I bled for 2 days... then it seems to be stopping now...
Feeling better...Hunter slept through to night the last 2 days too.... I'm so glad...feel way better now.
I'm not doing nothing today and Sunday... just relaxing with my son.
Thanks again.

As for the bleeding it seems I'm bleeding once a month around the time I would usually get my period??? I'm starting to believe woman on I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS PREGNANT may be telling the truth... Lol