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Just wondering if everyone else's LO have started into a daily routine, or is sleep/eat times still sporatic? Spencer seems to have a good pattern going on, but his sleep eat times vary depending on how loong he sleeps for. He generally wakes up for a feeding between 5 and 7am. Then we usually get up for the day. (DD has been waking at 5am for the past few weeks and won't go back to sleep, so this has become our new wake up time *yawn*) He generally has about a 1 1/2 hour awake time after a feeding then goes back to sleep. He has a long (2-3 hour) nap in the a.m. and a long (3+) hour nap in the afternoon, with a few 15-30 minute cat naps in between. He is wide awake most evenings, which is great because then around the time I am putting DD to bed (8pm) he will go to bed then too, and sleep until 1:30/2 usually.

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They might have routines but we have not picked up on them yet because there are two of them and it still seems random. Also, we have been traveling- and that probably was not helpful for creating a schedule. At night they usually sleep in three hour intervals, not too much more. But that is because if one gets up, we must wake the other up or we will be up all night feeding babies.


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He has a general routine similar to Spencer's. He wakes up between 5-6:30 am to eat and is up for the day (same with DD they were sleeping until 7-7:30 but then switched). He varies on the time but usually takes an hour or longer morning nap between 7:30-9. Afternoon nap is anytime between 11:30-12 start and usually lasts a couple hours which helps as I try to get DD down for a nap around 12:30. Once he's up he's pretty awake for the evening though he's been wanting to go to sleep around 6:15-6:30. I love it except DH usually isn't home yet so I don't get a chance to take him upstairs and nurse him to sleep. It's funny that around this time he will not nurse downstairs in our living room he will only eat and fall asleep upstairs.

9:30-11 pm is usually when he wakes next then sleeps until 2/3:30 am. Last night he went down at 6:45 pm slept until 12:30 then 3:30 then 5:00. It felt like heaven having a longer stretch like that.

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I don't think she has much of a routine yet, and if she does I haven't noticed :oops: she's been so sick this week that she has been sleeping most of the time since Wednesday. I will pick up on her schedule over Easter break and definitely once summer hits.

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Heidi has a routine I guess. I start putting her to bed around 9pm. Usually she sleeps by 10pm and wakes up around 5-6am. I feed her then its back to bed for a hour or 2. Then its feeding again and stays in my arms for mist of morning, sleeping on and off on my chest. Then its play time in her crib (she has a music mat she can kick that is tied to the rail of crib) or on her mat pn the floor. Then usually another cat nap. Then shes usually up for supper time and evening (my son is vack from school so more noise). Bath around 7-8pm. Cluster feed, then crib for the night. And bfeeding on demand during th day.